Data Scientist / Analyst

Caen – Normandie –  France

Hi ! My name is Kevin, I am 21 years old. I am a french Data Scientist / Data Analyst.

I am also preparing a double degree in medicine and cognitive neuroscience. I am really interested in machine learning and how it can give insights about how our brain works.



Data managment / cleaning

Using pandas, numpy and python in general, I master the art of managing data. Selecting the good instances of a data set has no secret for me ! I also know how to use relational databases in SQL, and to deal with large amount of files using the shell on linux. I already experienced these tools in research.

Data analyse

During my studies, I had the opportunity to have excellent courses about statistics. I know how to recognize a problem and apply the good statistical test to it. I also had the opportunity during three different experiences in neuroscience research to make analysis on data.

Data visualation

Using pandas, matplotlib and seaborn, my goal is to make data and analysis results as much understandable as possible, even for someone who don’t have any experience in science in general. I love making beautiful represenations to give the best experience to my listeners when I show them results.

Machine Learning

Because of my studies in cognitive neuroscience, I have really been interested in machine learning, especially artificial neural networks and the insights they can give us about the way our brains, which are biological neural networks, work. Now, I know for sure how to apply those methods to different kinds of problems.



1st year of medical school

medical contest :
3rd / 1319



2nd year of medical school



3rd year of medical school

Master 1 degree in neuroscience


Master 2 degree in cognitive science

Data Camp – Data scientist carrer track


Portfolio – personal projects

Predicting housing prices in Paris using AirBnB data

In this little case study, I tried to develop a linear regression model using the data of AirBnB. The model does not perform perfectly, however it still gives interesting insights about what hosts/investors should care about while purchasing an apartment in Paris.

Coming soon…

Coming soon…

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